Websites at VCU are reviewed on an annual basis for compliance in hopes of creating a strong and unified identity, provide a good experience for visitors and establish consistency for our decentralized university web presence.

The A-Z listing and manager

A link listed at the very top of the VCU homepage is the A to Z listing. This listing provides a way for all VCU websites to be linked directly off of the VCU homepage and is a great way for visitors to navigate directly to one of VCU's hundreds of websites. This master listing is able to be filtered by a combination of applying different category filters or a text based search. This filtering functionality gives users the ability to find a certain site they are looking for or discover a new site of interest. 

The previously mentioned standards are enforced on all websites listed in the A-Z listing via the A-Z Manager application which is managed as a joint effort between University Relations and Web Services.

In the A-Z Manager, websites are reviewed for seven major categories of compliance; they are as follows: