Data Integrity Requirement

On June 29, 2023, under the guidance of Audit and Compliance Services with review by officials across multiple departments at the university and the Web Advisory Council, a new General, Data Integrity (1.8) requirement was introduced.

This new requirement instructs websites showcasing stats, metrics, or data of any kind to:

  1. Cite sources, ideally linking back to the source when possible.
  2. Have a record of source information on file that is readily available upon request.
  3. Review the stats, metrics, or data upon introduction to the website and on a regular basis.


Being honest and transparent with visitors of a website is paramount to establishing user trust and ensuring our websites are as accurate as possible. Prospective students, parents, and the general public need to be able to know where stats, metrics, or data come from and trust their accuracy to substantiate claims and make informed decisions.