Sites implementing VCU branding elements must be consistent with and in support of the VCU mission statement.

VCU specific checklist


  • The official VCU branding bar is loaded at the top of the page and is not obstructed from view or have any elements on top of it.
  • You are not referencing “VCU” or using any other unofficial logos or seals anywhere on the page.

Certain criteria must be met in order to include the VCU logotype and other branding elements into a domain other than

  1. The site must provide a marketing advantage to the university and be approved by University Relations, (804) 828-8814.
  2. The site must meet all other VCU Web Publishing Standards and Guidelines.
  3. The domain must be registered by the department or group it represents, not an individual.
  4. Logo usage and nomenclature must be approved by University Relations, (804) 828-1463.

University graphic elements

The university's seal, logotype and bar element must be used on all organizational homepages and be visible on the initial load for a 1024x768 screen. Instructions and examples for use of the branding elements are available at the VCU Identity site. You can also download high quality versions of these branding elements, as well as the VCU Medical Center logo, from the graphic standards section of the VCU Identity site.

University nomenclature

The guidelines for nomenclature are to be followed for references to Virginia Commonwealth University and the VCU Health.