8.1 Top-Level Domains

Websites must use a vcu.edu top-level domain.


If a website requires a non-vcu.edu top-level domain name due to a specific business need, an exception must be granted by VCU University Relations.

8.2 Subdomains

Websites must not include the term "VCU" in their subdomain.

Examples of Non-Compliance

  • vcuarts.vcu.edu
  • vcuhas.vcu.edu
  • vcuts.vcu.edu

8.3 Personal Names

Websites must not include a person's name in a domain or subdomain.

Exceptions & Personal Websites

If a unit is permanently named after a person, a website for said unit is exempt from this rule.

A website for a person, but not a unit named after that person, should be made through VCU People Accounts.

8.4 Hosting

Websites must use a top-level domain hosted on a VCU approved web server.