3.1 Branding Bar

Websites must load an approved VCU branding bar at the top of every page and must not be obstructed from view by visual elements.

VCU Health Branding

Websites may not use the VCU Health logo or branding bar.

Menu & Search Icons

The exception to visual elements on top of the branding bar include approved menu and search icons as detailed in the VCU Brand Standards guide.

Using the Branding Bar Script

All VCU branding bars must be loaded in from the branding.vcu.edu javascript. Implementation instructions can be found at the VCU Academic Branding Bar website.

3.2 Unofficial Logos & Seals

Websites must not use unofficial VCU logos or seals on any page.

What are Unofficial Logos & Seals?

This includes, but is not limited to, outdated or modified VCU logos or seals and the use of a VCU logo or seal that does not follow the rules outlined in the VCU Brand Standards guide.

3.3 Unit Context

Websites for a unit that serves a specific part of the university must include the unit name prefixed or in conjunction with its title or parent unit.

Context is Important

Specifying what part of the university your unit serves is important, especially when there are multiple units of the same or similar name dotted around the university. For instance, a site for the School of Medicine’s Technology Services department should be distinguishable from the central VCU Technology Services department.